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Client Service Tracker is a Microsoft Access database for PCs that also uses Microsoft Excel. It allows small social service organizations to keep information on clients, case notes, and the services provided. Scroll down for a quick view of some screen images.


Main window:
Client Service Tracker main window

First you will want to customize the Program Codes and the Service Codes for your organization.
You would click the Administration button to open the Administration window. (The image below shows just some of the fields that can be customized with regard to what appears on their drop-down selection lists.)

Administrative Switchboard

Shown below is the window with the Service Codes that are in the demo version. You can add, change and delete any Service Codes (or other codes) at any time as needed.
Service Codes

Once the Program Codes and Service Codes (and possibly other codes) are what are needed for your organization, you would open up the list of person records in Client Service Tracker
Persons list window

You can sort and find records by any of the fields that appear above.

You can open an existing person record or add a new one.
Person window

In this window you can scroll down to see many other fields on the Person record. Some of the fields are shown below:
Person window - more fields

You can add case notes to a person record. You can add as many as needed.
Case Notes

You can also add records that show the Services that your organization provided the person. This is where the Program Codes and Service Codes come in. Shown below is a screen shot of this window in the Standard Edition.

For the Shelter Edition, the Services window has an added date field so that you can keep track of the dates a person entered a shelter and exited a shelter. You can also keep track of other services, just as you can in the Standard Edition. An image of the Shelter Edition Services window is shown below.

The Shelter Edition also has an added window where you can enter information about children who stay with the adults in a shelter. Shown below is an example.

There are many different kinds of reports you can create. The Reports window below shows some of them.
Reports Switchboard

Many reports come out in Excel spreadsheets, which lets you do further analysis of the data to get just the statistics you need.
Excel spreadsheet excerpt

For the Shelter Edition, there are some additional report parameters to help in calculating Shelter Nights, and there are more types of reports. Shown below is part of the Reports window in the Shelter Edition.

An example of one of the reports from the Shelter Edition is shown below. Notice that the spreadsheet has a column for Shelter Nights (each person counted for each night). This output was generated with the parameters set to calculate the Shelter Nights for December, 2009. Notice that even though a person might have entered the shelter before December, or might leave after December, or might not have left yet, the number of Shelter Nights is correctly calculated.

Client Service Tracker runs on computers with Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 8/8.1, or Windows 10. Your computer must have Microsoft Access 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, or 2016, as well as Microsoft Excel 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, or 2016. (Both Access and Excel come with the "Pro" edition of Microsoft Office, or can be obtained separately.) To use the Demo version of Client Service Tracker, Access and Excel must be the 32-bit versions (not the 64-bit versions).

To get a much better feel for what you can do with Client Service Tracker, register to download the free demo.
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