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This page contains a link for two items. One is the Client Service Tracker Standard Edition Demo (version 8.4), and the other is the Client Service Tracker Shelter Edition Demo (version 8.4). You may download either or both of them, and you may install both of them on your computer at the same time. You should print this page in order to have printed instructions.

Note: Client Service Tracker is a Microsoft Access database that also uses Microsoft Excel. You must have version 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, or 2016 of these applications installed on your computer to use Client Service Tracker. Access and Excel must be a 32-bit version of the product to use this demo.

Client Service Tracker Demo

This is the real, working Client Service Tracker software, except it is limited to having only 15 person records. Download and run it by following these steps:

  1. Make sure that you are logged into Windows as the user who will be using Client Service Tracker.
  2. Right click on the appropriate link below to download the setup program. You can right click on "Download the Standard Edition Demo Now"link or on the "Download the Shelter Edition Demo Now" link.
  3. After you right click, on the pop-up menu, click on "Save Target As..."
  4. Save it on your computer in a place you will remember, such as your Windows desktop. The file will be named Setup_Client_Service_Tracker_84_Demo (3.24 MB in size) or will be named Setup_Client_Service_Tracker_SE_84_Demo (3.56 MB in size).
  5. If you previously installed the demo version or the full version of Client Service Tracker, uninstall it. You can uninstall it by doing the following.
    • First, if you entered data into a previous version of Client Service Tracker and you want to keep the data, have an Access expert copy the current database file to a safe location so that the copy will not be uninstalled. The Access expert can later import your old data into the new version.
    • On the Windows Task bar, click "Start".
    • Click on "Control Panel".
    • Click on "Add or Remove Programs" (in Windows XP) or on "Uninstall a program" (in Windows 7).
    • Wait a minute while the list of programs gets filled in.
    • Click on whatever edition/version of "Client Service Tracker" that appears in your list.
    • Click the "Remove" button (in Windows XP) or the "Uninstall" button (in Windows 7).
    • Click the "Yes" button to say that you are sure you want to remove Client Service Tracker from your computer.
    • If a dialog box pops up asking if you want to allow the program to make changes to your computer, click the Yes button.
    • After the removal/uninstall is complete, close the Control Panel window used for removing/ uninstalling.
  6. Double-click the setup program that you saved in Step 4 in order to run it.
    • If a dialog box pops up asking if you want to allow the program to make changes to your computer, click the Yes button.
    • Follow the instructions. Since Client Service Tracker is an Access database, it should be installed to your "My Documents" (or "Documents") folder. The default location will probably be your My Documents or Documents folder, but if not, you will need to change it. The setup program has more information on how to do this.
  7. After the setup program is finished, check to see if you have Client Service Tracker shortcuts on your Windows Desktop. (This is not the setup program that you may have saved on your Desktop, but a shortcut labeled "Client Service Tracker".) If your User account is an Administrator type account, you will have the shortcuts, and if not, you will need to create your own shortcuts. If you need to make your own shortcuts, do the following:
    • Open a Windows Explorer window and navigate to the place where Client Service Tracker was installed. This should be in a “Client Service Tracker Demo” folder or a "Client Service Tracker SE Demo" folder in your “My Documents” folder or in a Documents library.
    • Right-click on “Client Service Tracker Demo” file or the "Client Service Tracker SE Demo" file and on the pop-up menu click on “Copy”.
    • Right-click on your Windows Desktop and on the pop-up menu click on “Paste Shortcut”.
    • Repeat steps similar to the ones above to make shortcuts for “Tutorial for Client Service Tracker” and for “User Guide to Client Service Tracker.”
  8. Start Client Service Tracker by double-clicking on the shortcut on your Windows Desktop, labeled either "Client Service Tracker Demo" or "Client Service Tracker SE Demo".
  9. When Client Service Tracker starts, you might see one of the following:
    • A dialog box labeled "Security Warning" that tells you that the file may not be safe if it contains code intended to harm your computer. If you see this dialog box, click the Open button.
    • A bar across the window near the top, with the words "Security Warning" at the left, telling you that some active content has been disabled. If you see this bar, click the "Enable Content" button that is on the bar.
  10. For the best way to learn what Client Service Tracker can do, please work through the Tutorial document.

Download the Standard Edition Demo Now

Download the Shelter Edition Demo Now


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